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        James Pilley
Name: James Pilley Date: October 1, 2000 Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer MY BATTLE WITH PROSTATE CANCER Dear Al Sanchez, My elevated PSA reading began 1-14-96 through 2/14/96. From this date until 6/18/00 when I started Poly-MVA and the PSA lab results My Battle With Prostate Cancer had ranged between 17.7 to 4.0. On 6/5/00 my PSA was 16.14. I started Poly-MVA 6/18/00, and my lab test result on 7/5/00 was 2.69, quite a rapid change. The next lab test results dated 8/3/00 were...
        William Manos PH D
Name: Date: January 16, 2002 Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer January 16,2002 ATTN: Dr. Al. Sanchez AMARC 539 Telegraph Cny Rd. PMB281 Chula Vista, CA 91910 Dear Dr. Sanchez, I want to thank you for introducing me to your very fine product entitled Poly -Mva. The following is a brief history of my medical record: On December 11, 1998 I had a stroke that left me with paralysis of my right side. Although I haven't fully recovered from the stroke, I still can get around with a...
        G A Chambers
Name: G. A. Chambers Date: November 30, 2000 Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer Dear Dr. Sanchez, I wanted to let you know how much the product Poly-MVA has helped me. I have Prostate Cancer and my PSA was 13.6 when I heard about Poly-MVA. I was in bed about 20 hours each day and had no strength to hardly eat and get up to go to the restroom. One week after taking the Mega dose of Poly-MVA I had the energy to get up each morning and put my clothes on and do a few things to help around...
        David’s Story
Name: David E. Terrill City: Altamonte Springs, FL Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer David’s Story I followed my urologist’s recommendation to start taking Poly MVA after he diagnosed 5% prostate cancer on April 5, 2006. I am convinced that the Poly MVA (along with Avodart and other vitamins) are helping to fight the cancer. In March 2007 I am scheduled for another biopsy of the prostate. I feel great and have a positive outlook. I know there is always surgery, but I want...
        Ralph’s Story
Date: December 20, 2006 Name: Ralph Ballagh City: Bullhead City, AZ Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer E-mail: Ralph’s Story In 2003 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer PSA 4+. I was sent to the Oncologist. He did a biopsy of the prostate. He determined there was cancer in the prostate. He decided to do chemo and radiation. I decided to wait. After that I tried manro their so-called remedy. Nothing worked to relieve the pain in the prostate. Then I...
        Dale M. Ross
Dale M. Ross 7-11-07 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August 2004 and treated with precise radiation (39 treatments) November/December thru January 05. I was told the cancer was gone. Yes it was gone, gone top my bones, hips ribcage, shoulders and pelvis. The pelvis and hips were especially painful. I tried most everything I could find but the cancers progressed. Finally in December 06 I heard about PolyMVA and I placed an order. I’ve been taking PolyMVA daily since...
        Jack M Kelley
I was diagnosed with possible prostate cancer on Nov 15 of 2005. At this time I was referred to a Urologist to verify my condition. He said that with my psa level of about 73 and the results of a DRE that I probably had cancer and wanted to do a biopsy of my prostate. This was scheduled for the following Friday evening. I went home and started searching the internet for information and I decided not to have a biopsy and called and canceled the appointment. At about the same time I...
“My wife has relied on Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s advice and recommended supplements for many years and had read about Poly-MVA in one of Dr. Sinatra’s publications prior to my diagnosis of prostate cancer in June 2009. My cancer is at a “watchful waiting” level and we decided that the Poly-MVA and other supplements that AMARC recommended would be extremely important, especially because of Dr. Sinatra’s high praise. Having always been blessed with a high energy metabolism, I did not notice a...
"I had prostate cancer since 2000. I had my prostate surgeryand My PSA was 24. Doctor scared us and said the only answer was surgery & radiation. I was put on a Lupron shot every 4 months & had lots of experience medicine, not chemo. It has never gotten down to normal. In 2004 I went to MD Anderson cancer center at Huston, I found out I had a walnut size tumor in the prostate; we left there knowing we were going to see an alternative or holistic doctor in MN. This is when we found out...
"I have prostate cancer. I have now been taking Poly-MVA for well over a year. Initially I took 2 ounces, 4 times a day. Then for a time I took 2 ounces, 2 times a day. Recently I have been taking 2 ounces, 3 times a day." "Just before I started, my urologist recommended immediate surgery (radical prostatectomy), or immediate radiation. I elected to do neither, and found a doc who suggested several other options. Among those options was Poly. I am now almost two years downstream...
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