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        Bladder Cancer Stage IV
Name: Marjorie Delin Age: 87 Location: Minnetonka, MN Diagnosed: January 2004 Diagnosis: Stage IV Bladder Cancer Conventional Therapy: Surgery January 14, 2004, Lose Dose Chemo 6/9/04--10/05/04 Started Poly-MVA February 24, 2004 August 2005: Surgery to remove tiny remaining tumor in bladder, all lymph gland tumors shrunk and inactive. She did not lose her hair although on chemo for 4 months. She believes this is because of Poly-MVA. Contact Person: Nancy Saslow...
        Bladder Tumor
Finding Hope A cancer survivor shares her journey of triumph by Lisa Marie Wark “I woke up and they told me I had an colostomy bag and they told me that I had cancer all in my stomach.” Those were the haunting words Sheila West-Yorek heard from her doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas in November, 2003. The cancer was a result of new tumors that had grown on her ovaries and metastasized to her stomach. The cruel irony of this is that her once healthy...
        Bladder Cancer
Dear Team: This is my true story. It is documented and verifiable. Dec. 2001 Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Surgery Christmas Eve and again Christmas Day, 4 large papillary tumors removed. Severe post-operative bleeding. Admitted for 6 days St, Joseph West Hospital Clinton TWP, MI. Urologist hoped he had removed all of the cancer. Pathology showed high grade transitional Cell Carcinoma with Ango-Lymphatic invasion ( Cancer Cells in my Blood Stream ). Jan. 2002 Biopsies now...
        Nancy C. Farley, Ph.D
Name: Nancy C. Farley, Ph.D Date: August 19, 1999 Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer mailto: LAST UPDATE: January 26, 2007 August 19, 1999 Dear Dr. Sanchez, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my journey in fighting this most dreaded disease. I am a 65 year old Psychologist who in 1996 was diagnosed with bladder cancer. A transurethral resection was followed by periodic cystoscopy examinations at Emory Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. By patient...
        Bladder Cancer (BK)
Name: Bernie Kanter Age: 67 Diagnosed: August 2006 Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in August 2006. I had the usual surgery and treatment for the cancer, which consisted of removal of 2 tumors in the bladder, graded level 1 & 3. I am 67 years old, and this was the first time I ever had any operation of any kind. After the procedure, the urologist stated there was nothing else for treatment or prevention, but check-ups every 3 months done through...
Name: George E. Holladay, M.D. Telephone: 940-566-6515 City: Denton State: Texas Diagnosis: Transitional Cell in Bladder Date Poly Started: March 2004 Dosage: 10 cc daily until 2010, now 5cc daily. My Story: I have been fighting Bladder cancer since July 4, 1972, with many recurrences. It began as a pediculated squamous cell type and was easily resected. Several more of the same type over the years also were resected. Then the type of cancer morphed into...
"On 8/8/09 after cutting grass on a riding lawn motor for 2 hours I went to urinate and was passing blood. I went to my regular doctor and he immediately made an appointment with Dr. Lange of a urology group of Fort Smith. After they scooped my bladder they found a massive cancerous tumor in my bladder. The next day I was in surgery to remove it. They could not get it all for fear of getting in to the bladder wall. A month later they went back in to surgery with success; two months later...
        Angelo Stefanelli
"After my bladder cancer operation in 08/04 I began taking Poly-MVA. Since that time I have being going back to the V.A. hospital every 3 months for observation. I underwent ten B.C.G treatments, but I also took Poly-MVA and vitamins and minerals. I have always been active and I still am. Several months ago during my exam the doctor stated that there was not even a scar where my tumor was removed. I am currently on a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA. My wife also takes Poly-MVA."...