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Team Up! Against Cancer puts cancer surviors together with cancer patients and their families, in the church and in the community.

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        Jean’s Story
Name: Jean Davidson City: Oklahoma City, OK Diagnosis: Skin Cancer E-mail: Jean’s Story This is the story of my pet [dog], Sable; she is a cancer survivor. Sable is a Welsh Corgi. When she was six and a half she was losing her tongue. Her tongue looked like something had been chewing on it. She was taken to the veterinary on April 25, 2005. They did surgery and removed part of her tongue. It was sent off for diagnosis. The diagnosis confirmed...
        Barbara Hakala's Story
“In February, 2001, Spooner, my 8-year old Australian Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer. Her vet recommended that we begin traditional chemotherapy immediately; it was an option I was not willing to try. A friend faxed me an ad for Poly-MVA, and after researching the options, I decided it was the best alternative available, along with a fresh organic diet, lots of walking and endless amounts of love. By the end of April her lymph nodes were back to normal. I took her in June for an exam...
        Debi Canody's Story
“One of my cats has been battling breast cancer, and I’ve been supplementing her diet with Poly-MVA. Within 24 hours of introducing Poly-MVA into her diet, her energy level increased as did her appetite. She is even more animated in her behaviors at times.” —Debi Canody
“Our cat, Maya, was diagnosed with mammalary cancer, one of the most invasive and fast-progressing forms of cancer. We treated her with chemotherapy while adding two immune system supplements. We visited an alternative medicine vet who recommended that we put Maya on a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA. At the oncology center where Maya received her chemotherapy treatments, we were told that with mammalary cancer, a recurrence of cancer often manifests itself in other parts of the body within...
        Susan Seller's Story
“In July of 2000 I took our 3-yr-old Yorkie-Poo, Mashah, to our veterinarian to examine a strange bump on her lip. A biposy revealed that it was a Grade One mass cell tumor, and we immediately had it removed. Dr. Becker suggested Poly-MVA, large doses at first then decreasing over time. She continues to take a maintenance dose to this day. In July of this year Mashah turned 11 years old! She is very healthy and often acts like a puppy. Poly-MVA plays a big part in her continued health. I...
        Ann Ratajik's Story
“In August of 2006 our Australian Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer, with three abdominal masses - one in her mammory gland which was showing on her belly. There was no hope for recovery, even with surgery, so we took her home. I had read about Poly-MVA and thought it would be a good time to try it on her. We had great results and she also got back her pep and energy! We were very happy to see her doing so well after just a few months with only Poly-MVA. I think it is a very worthwhile...
“In November 2005, our dog, Roxy, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in the center of her brain. We opted against surgery because of her age, and our other options were slim. My husband and I were desperate, so we prayed. The next day, still not sure how, we found Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburg, who with nutrients, dietary changes and energy healing has given Roxy back her life - she is doing very well! The main product Dr. van Volkenburg recommended was Poly-MVA, and we started Roxy...
        Jana Sutter's Story
“My 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Mia, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The vet removed a tumor from her breast, diagnosed it as a malignant carcinoma and said it had spread into her lymph system. I noticed Mia did not have the spunk or sheen to her coat that she had prior to this diagnosis. A friend of mine was taking Poly-MVA and suggested I give it to Mia. I purchased a couple bottles and began mixing 1/4 tsp into her food. Within 1 month, I noticed her coat was more healthy and she...
“My 12-year-old cat, Giselle, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor tumor in March 2007. They started her on 5 mg of Prednisone twice a day but also suggested radiation therapy. We opted not do that so I called a veterinarian holistic doctor for advice. He told me he was getting great results with a product called Poly-MVA for Pets. Giselle has been on Poly-MVA for Pets for 10 months now. She is doing great! She has more energy than ever and we believe her cancer has reversed. We...
One of my cats had intestinal cancer growth and could not keep any food down since her intestines were blocked. After surgery, the surgeon told us she should be put to sleep, as the cancer had gone into the walls and he could not get clear margins. He had removed a portion of her intestine and gave her one week to live (at most). We took her home. She had lost so much weight and looked miserable. We started her on a program that included Poly-MVA for Pets, plus transfer factor for pets...
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