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Team Up! Against Cancer puts cancer surviors together with cancer patients and their families, in the church and in the community.

Get current and comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances.

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        Paulette's Story
I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma due to a biopsy taken of lichen planus in my mouth in 2008. I started a regime of Poly-MVA at [Dr. James Forsythe's] Reno, NV clinic. I took 4 tsp at breakfast + 4 tsp at dinner. In addition to Poly-MVA, I was given IVs and other supplements. I took Poly-MVA for 10 months and then had to stop because it was contributing to diarrhea. I do believe I was helped by taking Poly-MVA because eventually my cancer was gone. I also took Xeloda, a cancer...
        Belen's Story
It was a great experience; after being in this program and having the opportunity to use this wonderful supplement I believe my health has improved, my appetite increased and I feel I have a little more energy than before taking the POLY-MVA. I have had two cancers in the last 4 years - and I am happy to say HAD! I will continue to take this product because I know it will help me to remain cancer-free. I would also like to compliment the staff for being so involved with me in the last 12...
        Lindy's Story
Let me start in February, 2009. I was very sick and did not know what was wrong with me. I could not put my finger on anything. As I sat in the dining room of a client, she told me to see a particular doctor who dealt with bio-identical hormones. After having extensive blood work, I was told that I needed something to really help me “get going.” My doctor told me to get Poly-MVA. Well, what a miracle. I was normally in bed 20 out of 24 hours. It took only 2 days to “get me...
        Fryar's Story
I want to let you and anyone else know that I'm happy with Poly-MVA. I have colon cancer (diagnosed Sept '08) which is not on latest PET scan. I have five leisions on my liver and plan to be in Houston (at Dr. Burnyski's clinic) in April for more treatment. I've had no side effects from Poly-MVA. I take 60ml of Poly-MVA daily with Essiac. - Fryar
        Nathan's Story
I started out with a small lump on my neck. It started getting larger and was diagnosed as skin cancer. I started taking Poly-MVA along with radiation, and the lump all but disappeared. I was sent to a cancer doctor who suggested that after the next 3-months visit, chemotherapy would be the next step. After the x-rays came back, he was amazed at how well I was doing. No chemotherapy is needed, as the cancer is disappearing thanks to the support from Poly-MVA. - Nathan
        Joseph's Story
After having 3 surgeries in late 2007/2008 for biopsies, lesions were diagnosed as squamas and basal types. I started a regimen of Poly-MVA as directed in instructions. I did this for all of 2008 under dermatologist care visits every four months. No further biopsies needed to be done. I have now switched to maintenance. Scheduled visits to doctor 2 weeks ago showed no indications of problems. I feel as though the Poly-MVA must be helping, and I expect to continue with it for the...
        Graham's Story
Diagnosis: Brain (Glioma) I began taking Poly-MVA in November of 2005. I was diagnosed with a grade II Glioma earlier that year. It has been 4 years since the lesion was first spotted on an MRI scan. I am happy to report that my lesion has not changes in size in 4 years. The Poly-MVA has helped keep my energy up and has given me a vibrance I lacked before. So far, so good! Graham
        Astrid's Story
Diagnosis: Breast w/ Metastasis I really like the idea of PolyMVA and I definitely felt a feeling of well-being as I took it. I have breast cancer with metastasis to the bone and skin. The product seemed to help. I had to go on and off chemo a few times even though I was taking PolyMVA. It felt good to take it even when I was on chemo and I was able to maintain a pretty good quality of life. At one point in between the chemo I was taking 4 tsp four times a day, but the...
        Kay's Story
Daignosis: Breast with Metastasis I began taking Poly-MVA at the same time I began chemo. Three days a week, I received Poly by IV drip: other days I took Poly orally. My chemo and the Poly IV treatments lasted about six months, at which time I was pronounced cancer free. I still take Poly orally daily. I truly believe that Poly-MVA helped lessen the negative effects of chemo. My friends were amazed at how I seemed to “ease through” the distress that chemo can cause. I feel that...
        Clifford's Story
Diagnosis: Colon w/ Metastasis Had colon surgery on 01/16/08. Cancer spread to liver on March 2008. 01/08 to 03/08 has side effects from surgery, but it was not pain. Had colonoscopy on 06/09 and was told that I am now cancer free!!!!! I had avoid chemotherapy, radiation and drugs. I am amazed that Poly-MVA supported me to cure so quickly. Thank you, Clifford C.
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